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Ship's Clocks


Weems & Plath Ship's Clock, $235

Solid brass case on walnut finish presentation base. Tide and time only (no bells). Quartz, with new movement.


Overall dimensions: 9-1/2 inches wide by 7-1/8 inches tall by 4 inches deep.


Wempe Clock/Barometer, $425

Ship's clock/barometer set. Quartz/battery movement, NO BELLS. Solid brass case nicely refinished. Mounted on 5 inch tall by 10 inch wide by 3 inch deep mahogany plaque. Mounting can be arranged to be vertical.


Weems & Plath Ship's Clock, $60

Quartz/battery movement, NO BELLS. Black hammer tone finished aluminum case. 3-1/4 inch dial. Overall diameter of 4-1/2 inches. 1-1/2 inches deep.


Ship's Clock, $75

Quartz/battery movement, NO BELLS. Solid brass case with nice natural patina. Small chip in beveled glass. 3 inch dial. Overall diameter of 5-1/2 inches. 2-1/4 inches deep.

Weems & Plath Barometer, $275

Solid brass case. 5 inch dial. Overall diameter of 7 inches.

Seth Thomas Ship's Bulkhead Clock, $350

Solid brass case with patina. Naval quality movement, sweep seconds hand. Overall dimensions: 7-5⁄16 inches in diameter by 2-5⁄8 inches deep.

Hermle Ship's Bell Clock, $695

Circa 1980's. 8-day ship's bell strike. Brass case in original finish with beveled glass, mounted on handmade cherry wall shelf. Overall dimensions: 20 inches tall by 12-½ inches wide by 4-½ inches deep.

Seth Thomas Helmsman Ship's Bell Clock and Barometer Set, $1295

8-day bell clock and barometer set. Polished brass with 19 inch mahogany presentation base. Overall dimensions: 19-3/8 inches wide by 9 inches tall by 3 inches deep.

Chelsea Bulkhead Ship's Clock, $1995

Time only with rare 7-1/2 inch dial. Circa 1924, sold by Louis Weule Co. Chrome plated case with 23 inch wide mahogany base by 17 inches tall.

Seth Thomas Ship's Wall Clock, $695

Bell strike. Brass case on mahogany backboard. Original finish. 5 inch dial, one day wind. This is only the second one I've seen in 40 plus years of clock making. Overall dimensions: 10-½ inches tall by 6-½ inches wide by 3-½ inches deep.

Chelsea Ship's Clock, $495

From 1966. Bell strike on Walnut base. 3-1/4 inch dial. 6 inches tall by 8 inches wide.

Salem Quartz Ship Clock, $125

Quartz time only in chrome case. 3 inch dial by 7 inches across with spokes.

Salem Time Only Quartz Ship Clock, $120

Chrome case, 4-1/2 inch dial by 7 inch diameter.

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