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Recently Sold

SOLD Sessions "Berkeley" Tambour Mantel Clock, $225

Circa 1920's Sessions Berkeley tambour mantel clock. Unrestored walnut finish case in very good condition. Half-hour strike on cathedral gong. Overall dimensions: 21-½ inches wide by 10 inches tall by 5 inches deep.

SOLD Schoolhouse Clock, Reproduction, $225

Circa 1980's. Oak finish case. 9 inch dial. 30 inches tall by 15 inches wide.

SOLD United Sea Captain Electric Clock, $89

Circa 1960's. Pipe glows, "sea eel" shaped hands, great novelty timepiece. New movement. May be wall hung if desired. Overall dimensions: 10 inches tall by 6-1/4 inches wide by 2-3/4 inches deep.

SOLD Bluebird Tic-Tac Cuckoo Style Clock, $95

Bluebird bobs merrily back and forth as the clock runs. Ivied cottage theme. 


Overall dimensions: 8 inches tall by 6-1/2 inches wide.

SOLD Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel Clock, $275

Adamantine veneered case restored to its original beauty. Some chips and minor dents but very presentable.


Overall dimensions: 16-½ inches wide by 9-½ inches tall by 6-¼ inches deep.

SOLD William L. Gilbert Flow Blue China Clock, $450

Flow blue china clock with gilding. 8-day time and strike with cathedral gong.


Overall dimensions: 10-5/8 inches tall by 10 inches wide by 5-1/4 inches deep.

SOLD Seiko World Time Desk Clock, $125

Circa 1960's. Solid brass case. Quartz movement. Battery powered. 


Overall dimensions: 5-1/4 inches tall by 4 inches wide by 3 inches deep.

SOLD Folker Hof 8-Day Cuckoo Clock, $995

Circa 1980. Handcrafted woodcutter themed cuckoo clock with great animation! While cuckooing the hour, the two men on the buck saw have a go at their log. As the music plays, the waterwheel turns and the vertical saw mill cuts away at a log, while the dancers in the loft spin around. Much detail with hand carved pine trees, bell tower, a Saint Bernard rescue dog, and a sheep. Compare at $2500+ new. 


Overall dimensions: 16-1/2 inches wide by 31 inches tall by 10-1/2 inches deep.

SOLD E. Ingraham "Dew Drop" Calendar Wall Clock, $475

Circa 1880's. Time only calendar clock. Older refinishing on case, original dial in good condition. Overall dimensions: 23-¾ inches tall by 16 inches wide by 4-½ inches deep.

SOLD Swiss Music Box, 79 Note / 6 Tune, $895

Circa 1850-1890. Maker unknown. Sold by Adolf Berger of Breslau, Lower Silesia in Germany (now Wroclaw, Poland - 1945) Nov 06, 1834 - Jan 13, 1916 (81). After Conservative Restoration, it beautifully plays these 6 tunes, either continuously, or with automatic stop at the end of a tune, or with automatic change from tune to tune. Each tune plays about 45 seconds:

  1. German Emperor, March (composer unknown)

  2. Beautiful Helena, Quadrille, Strauss

  3. Secret Love, Favorite, Resch (see video)

  4. Norma, Aria, Bellini

  5. Return Spring, Polka, Strauss

  6. Thousand and One Nights, Waltz, Strauss


Inlaid veneer lid with lock, grained case work, black lacquer highlights. Overall dimensions: 17 inches wide by 8 inches deep by 5 inches tall.

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